Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fried Eggs and Bacon over Rutabaga Hash

I read entirely too many cooking blogs and I know this because I know what vegetables are in. Word on the street is rutabagas are the next cool vegetable. They can be used like potatoes but are turnips and therefore have about 1/3 of the starch and carbs. They're sweeter than potatoes, which kind of threw of me, but still very delicious.

1 large rutabaga (about 1 lb)
1/2 red pepper
1 medium onion
6 eggs
6 pieces of bacon

Peel rutabaga with a carrot peeler and shred using your food processor. Also shred the onion. Dice pepper. Add some salt and pepper and any other spice you'd like to throw in there. John added adobo.

Heat a cast iron pan and spread hash to a thin layer. We were trying to get ours as crispy as possible. They didnt get that crispy and we have to investigate why. It also took a while to cook. Wait about 10-15 mins before starting to cook the bacon and eggs.

I did not cook this meal. John does breakfast.

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